I am closely working with the following organisations:

HRD – Group:
Specialist in HRD solutions: developing people, growing organisations.

  • ENVIU:
    Specialist in innovative and social enterprise: We build world changing companies.
  • Syncope:
    Coaching and strategic advise.
  • Prof. P.A.E. van de Bunt Advies:
    Strategic advise at board room level

Furthermore I am engaged in:

  • Triglav Circle: Board Member of the European Branch.
    The Triglav Circle seeks to enrich the public discourse on global problems with moral and spiritual perspectives drawn from universal values.
  • Kakaran: Board Member
    A small scale NGO supporting education projects in Senegal
  • Académie du Morvan, France: membre titulaire
    An cultural and intellectual centre for the Morvan region.
  • Chougny: conseiller municipal